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Notes from the President
Daytona Beach Seminole Fans,
I wanted to take the time to reach out to you and thank you for your time and effort this Football season.
If you attended the first game versus Virginia Tech you may remember that I said “welcome to the fastest thirteen weeks of your life”.
Even with the poor season, the season flew by. I know we all are disappointed but we as FSU fans expect more. They will get better.
We have grown accustomed with Ten, Eleven, Twelve wins seasons, Bowl Games and Bowl Victories.
Many of you cannot remember a time when FSU was not in a Bowl Game.
But, we will return. We are a strong group. A group that raised $9,000.00 for the FSU College of Medicine, Daytona Beach Regional Campus.
That money was divided into Five $1,800.00 scholarships for deserving third and fourth year future Physicians. To simply the money it will pay for FOUR months of interest on their student loans.
That is HUGE. You are to thank, you are responsible, and you should be proud.
I may know each and every one of you, but I appreciate you and thank you for your continued support of The Daytona Beach Seminole Club.
Alan P. Tripp, Jr.